Professional Indemnity

Protect your liability for general business risks.

Professional Indemnity is a type of insurance that is specially designed for professionals such as architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, medical practitioners, and services such as medical establishments who need to protect their business from legal claims that may be made by their clients.


  • It covers all legal liabilities arising out of errors and omissions of a professional service.
  • Group policies are available in many insurance companies for a group of professionals.
  • Professional Indemnity also covers cost incurred for defence in court.

Eligibility criteria:

Medical establishments, Doctors and other medical practitioners, Architects, Engineers, Interior decorators, Lawyers, Counsels, Solicitors, Financial accountants, Chartered Accountants, Management consultants.

Basic coverage

-Legal liability due to bodily injury or death caused by breach of professional duty by

  • The insured.
  • The predecessors in business of the said firm, if covered.
  • Any person at any time employed by the Insured or by such predecessors in business in the conduct, by or on behalf of the said firm or such predecessors of any business conducted in their professional capacity.

-Payment of defense costs, fees and expenses anywhere in India in accordance with Indian Law.

Different insurance companies might provide different additional covers apart from the basic coverage.

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