Group Personal Accident Insurance

Safeguard your employees and their families from financial losses due to accidents

Group Personal Accident policies help employers in safeguarding their employees against  risks that cause accidental deaths or disablement. It is a benefit policy which protects the employer and the employees against liabilities due to accidental deaths and disabilities. Since, many families depend on sole-bread winner, Group Personal Accident Policies have a very important role to play in the life of employees’ families in case of an unfortunate accidental death of an employee.

Advantages of Group Personal Accident Policies

Group Personal Accident insurance has many advantages for both Employers and Employees.

  • Employee Encouragement: Personal Accident insurance coverage for employees and their families help in encouraging and motivating employees.
  • Employee Retention: PA policies help in employee-retention.
  • Cost-effective: Even for a large group of employee, group PA policies are inexpensive.
  • Reduces tax burden: Accidental Employee benefit policies also reduce tax burden on the company.

For Employees

  • Protection of family: Employees’ family will be protected against all liabilities and will not financially break-down in case of an accidental death of employee.
  • Protection of income: In cases of accidental disability, whether permanent or partial, the employee might not be able to resume to his previous work. PA policies provide them with income protection during these times.

Basic coverage

Group Personal Accident covers the following based on all the disabilities caused by accidents along with death, comprehensively.

    • 100% of the sum insured is paid to the nominee in case of death.
    • 100% of sum insured is paid to the insured in cases of loss of vital parts such as eyes and limbs.
    • 50% of the sum insured is paid to the insured in cases of partial disablement.
    • In cases of Temporary disablement, a certain percentage of the sum insured is  paid to the insured based on the policy taken.
    • Many policies also cover medical reimbursements, where the cost of hospitalization due to an accident gets covered.

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