Erection All-Risk Insurance

Complete protection for your property while erection and installation.

Erection all-risk policy is a comprehensive cover secures your property against damages done during erection, installation and commissioning of Plant and Machinery. Interest of Contractors, sub-contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers can also be recorded in the policy. 

Scope of Erection All-Risk insurance

  • Risks associated with storage, assembly/erection and testing of Plant and Machinery.
  • All perils are covered unless specifically excluded.
  • Cover commences from the date of arrival of first consignment at site and terminates on the date of expiry as per policy or on completion of Erection and Trial run whichever is earlier.
  • In the event of non-completion of the project within the period as per policy, cover may be extended for such further time as may be required at additional premium.

    Basic coverage

    The following are the basic and additional coverage offered in EAR policies.

    • Fire, Explosion, lightning, aircraft damage.
    • Storm , Tempest, flood and inundation.
    • Riot, strike, malicious act.
    • Faults in erection of building.
    • Burglary and theft.
    • Human errors, negligence.
    • Electrical and mechanical breakdown.
    • Impact damages
    • Any other accidental damage that is not excluded.

    Available Add-ons

    • Removal of Debris.
    • Additional Customs Duty.
    • Air-Freight.
    • Owners’ Surrounding Property
    • Express freight.
    • Contractors’ Plant & Machinery.
    • Third Party Liability(with/without Cross liability).
    • Maintenance Visit or Extended Maintenance.
    • Holiday and Overtime rates and Wages.
    • Escalation.

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