Cyber Liability

Protect your data and other intangible assets.

A Cyber liability insurance policy helps in responding and mitigating losses that follows after an event of a cyber attack or a data breach. It also covers all legal claims resulting from the breach. Any business that stores sensitive data in the cloud or on an electronic device is recommended to have cyber liability insurance.


Cyber insurance is most essential in the following circumstances:

    • Responding to a data breach.
    • Customer notification expenses.
    • Cyber extortion defense.
    • Business interruption losses.
    • Legal defense costs.
    • Computer forensics investigation expenses.

    Basic coverage

    Cyber insurance covers First Party as well as Third-party damage.

        First Party Coverage:

        • Cost of notifying employees and the public/customers.
        • Cost of repairing any damages software or hardware.
        • Reimbursing losses due to business interruption.
        • Costs of protecting company’s reputation by Marketing and Public Relations response.
        • Ransom money that a hacker might threaten for with the data – Cyber Extortion.
        • Investigation/Forensics expenses.
        • Other ancillary expenses.

        Third Party Coverage:

        • Legal costs of defense.
        • Court attendance and regulatory fees.
        • Breach of contract or negligence claims.

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