Commercial Crime Insurance

Protect your business from frauds and forgeries.

A Commercial Crime Insurance coverage protects your company against commercial white-collar frauds and forgeries that may be committed by your own employees or staffs. In the event of a commercial crime, the insurance also pays for the losses and damages caused such as temporary replacement of equipment, temporary workforce or even temporary office space that may be required for uninterrupted operations.


    • It protects against loss or damage to money, securities and other property due to employee theft.
    • It pays for the losses resulting from forgery of cheques, drafts and written promissory notes.
    • It protects against theft of money or security both inside and outside the company premises.
    • It also protects from computer fraud.
    • It activates an efficient and cooperative loss investigation and settlement process saving organizations time and money if a covered event occurs.
    • It also offers a broad definition of employee that includes unidentifiable employees as well.

    Basic coverage

    The following are the basic covers offered by various insurance companies for commercial crime insurance:

        • Employee theft coverage.
        • Premises coverage.
        • Transit coverage (outside the insured’s premises),
        • Depositor’s forgery coverage (losses due to forged cheques, promissory notes).
        • Computer fraud coverage.
        • Insured’s legal liability.

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